About PSSEMRS & College

Smt. ParvathammaShamanurShivashankarappa English Medium Residential School& Pre University College and Cambridge School is a philanthropic vision transformed into a reality on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Sri. ShamanurShivashankarappa, Hon. Secretary of the Bapuji Educational Association. Under his abled leadership we perceive the moving force behind the stupendous progress of the educational projects and the proliferate activities of this Association.

It is our constant effort to nurture the young students and mould them into ladies and gentlemen who will leave no stone unturned and prove a credit not only to the institution but also to the nation as well. Weeducate, prepare the future generation of the country by providing them as many opportunities to develop their personality as possible in order to sustain and strengthen the societies they live in and beyond. PSSEMR School and PU College pursue a system which strives to excel in academic, curricular and extracurricular activities. It is the endeavour of the faculty of PSSEMR School and PU College to make education a purposeful and meaningful experience and also to play an important role in the lives of bright sparks of this nation.


Our vision is to be a globally renowned academia fostering excellence in future – ready robust pedagogy and profound learning environment to disseminate values of academics freedom and the spirit of collaboration and innovation. To develop an ethos of entrepreneurship and build ethical future enterprise leaders who add value to society, spearhead in nation building.


Our mission is to impart quality value based education of international standard and focus on holistic development of the students imbibing skills for solving real life problems. Along with our clean and green campus – our infrastructure offers homey stay, hygienic food. It’s our priority to engage all our staff from ground level to top management as a family to ensure that all students make a smooth transition to our institution and do not feel alone.


  1. Promotion of value education and community service : to impart values such as resilience, determination, confidence, and creative & critical thinking, to develop good social skills and the ability to form good relationships, to promote participation in community life and fulfilment of civic and social responsibility. 
  2. Instilling cultural, linguistic diversity and heritage : to instil the importance of inclusion within society of different groups and persons with different personal characteristics, the diversity of society, cultural knowledge, various languages, India’s cultural values, history and its rich heritage, yoga, Ayurveda and holistic living, to implant cross cultural dexterity.
  3. Cognitive Acceleration Program : To encourage schema (class preparedness), cognitive conflicts (make the children face challenges and to solve problems in collaboration), social learning, meta cognition (knowing about knowing), bridging (transferability of knowledge), teacher mediation to master learning.
  4. Internationalism and Entrepreneurship: To promote global citizenship, globalization and sustainable future, physical & psychological health, inter personal skills to enhance employability skills.
  5. Nurturing Leaders: To instil leadership qualities, to foster the physical, intellectual, technological, social, emotional, and artistic development of the students, develop self-discipline and personal responsibility, to promote creativity, effective communication, and critical thinking skills, to have a strong student leadership program with active involvement of students of all age groups.
  6. Multi literacy: To develop the ability to interpret, identify, create and communicate meaning across a variety of visual, oral, musical and alphabetical forms of communication.
  7. Curriculum and learning atmosphere : To build a curriculum leading to experiential learning and to have multiple curricula, to provide clear learning outcome, detailed instructions and assessment for all courses to ensure course mastery, student success, to offer a dynamic, interactive educational environment that engages students in the learning process, to promote inter-disciplinary learning, to review and update curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a regular cycle.
  8. Assessment practices: To support every child’s individual strength, Self-assessment, Peer assessment, learning how to give feedback.
  9. Teach less and learn more strategy: To reduce lecturing from podium, to increase quality of education not quantity.
  10. Technology and digitalization: To use technology to create effective modes and means of instruction and expand access to learning, to educate the students in futuristic technologies, to have robust digital infrastructure.
  11. Safe campus: To be a residential school of international standard providing safety and security, in a healthy and hygienic atmosphere.
  12. Community partnership: Cultivating the educational partnership among home, school, and community, nurturing a culture of collaboration, collegiality, and mutual respect.
  13. Professional Development: Implementing professional development for the staff that is essential for effective instruction and improved student learning.


  1. Knowing about knowing
  2. Learn until perfection is achieved.

Growth mindset

  1. Understand that we are continually learning
  2. Helping each other learn and succeed
  3. Healthy competition.

Pursuit of excellence

  1. Resilience in every action
  2. Greatest involvement to pioneer
  3. Act with responsibility and compassion   

Uncompromising intergity

  1. Act with fairness
  2. Maintain transparency
  3. Unyielding integrity