Green Campus

Geen Campus

Water Management

Water Management

Davanagere suffers from rain deficit and thus water management plays a vital role. We at PSSEMR institutions teach our students about the importance of water by their water management programmes on our school campus. We at PSSEMR institution are collecting and reusing water in various unique and different ways. Gardens are watered by the recycled water that we receive from the sewage treatment plant. The campus has the rain water harvesting facility. Gardens use sprinklers for watering.

Controlling water pressure in taps to limit water wastage by children, educating children about judicious water usage, trying to automate toilet flushes, hard water softening plant and water treatment plants, RO plants, growing grass and plants everywhere to minimise soil erosion and conserve water etc., prove our keen interest in conservation of water.

Energy Management

Energy management in the school is not only viewed as a very important issue but also a responsibility. We need to conserve energy as much as we can as the resources are depleting. Energy management is a term concerned with saving energy. To save energy,PSSEMR institution monitors, control, and conserves energy in a proper way. The metering of energy is well connected in the building to save energy and collect data. Everyone in the PSSEMR institution tries tosave energy in every possible way they can. The meter data is routinely checked. Different types of equipment are installed in PSSEMR institution to investigate and upgrade energy consumption of the building. The students of the institution make awareness programmes so that people can know about energy saving techniques. 

PSSEMR institution has installed solar panels on the rooftop of the building. This helps the school reduce non-renewable energy consumption to a large amount. PSSEMR institution has reduced carbon footprint and promoted a green environment in the campus. We also have proposed to set up a one tonne crusher bio gas plant to generate methane to be used in our kitchen. This also helps us manage the biodegradable waste in the campus.

The school building saves up to 10-15% of the total energy. This may rise to 20-25% sometimes. PSSEMR institution is planning a long-term energy management plan to reduce up to 80% of their non-renewable energy consumption. Maintenance of machinery and regular auditing of machine quality keeps the power wastage as low as possible. Lamps in the building are all being replaced by CFLs which consume less energy. With the very little amount of steps, the school has managed to consume very less amount of energy these days. Plan is to generate sufficient solar energy to ensure zero non-renewable energy consumption in next three years

Energy Management
Waste management

Waste Management

Separating, reducing, reusing, recycling and composting is our way to manage waste. Our garden waste will digested by the proposed bio gas plant. PSSEMR institution has found ways to get rid of the waste in different ways with least impact on the environment. Separating waste is the first step to manage any kind of waste from the campus. PSSEMR institution hasset up different bins for different kinds of waste and make sure that the right bins are used for the right purpose by the students. They have labelled each bin with proper tags like paper, plastic, glass, wet waste, etc.

PSSEMR institution hasproposed to ban plastic within the campus and has prohibited burning of waste strictly. Setting up of Vermicomposting plant is underway. 

Environmental Audit: report to be updated soon

Carbon footprint: report to be uploaded soon

Plantations: Our Eco Club “Bio-Sphere” undertakes a lot of activities that promotes coexistence and living in harmony with nature. The club has undertaken many activities such as bio gas installation, vermicomposting etc. The club also is responsible for making the campus green and while they do so they also name every plant with its scientific name to make familiar these scientific names students.