Inter-House Activity

The interhouse activities are a platform for students to add skills in various aspects of Academics, sports and cultural activities through experiences gained by participation. The activities are designed for various age groups. The activities are spread across a calendar year and are carefully scheduled by keeping in mind parameters like tests & exams, vacations, national festivals, religious festivals, international events etc. to ensure that the activities also cater top understanding of these special occasion. The following are the activities that are conducted in the school & College as per the calendar. The details of each event with photographs will updated as and when event concludes. For the photographs click on the link in front of the description.

House Distribution

Flag Collection Relay

Inter House Carom and Chess Competition

Inter House Football

Inter House Volleyball

Inter House Throw-ball

Inter House Poetry Recitation (Grade I to V)

Inter House Painting competition (Grade I to X)

Adobe Creativity Challenge for Students of Class VI to X 

Inter House Collage (Grade VI to X)

Organizing sports competition for primary school

Inter House Handball

Inter House Sports (Grade I to V)

Inter House Collage (Grade VI to X)

Inter house Cap Making (Grade I to V)

Inter House Basketball

Inter House Swimming Competition

Inter House Cricket Tournament

Seminar Competition

Inter House Debate (Senior)

Inter house Pick & Speak Junior

Inter House Essay Writing (Senior)

Inter House Spell bee (Junior)


Inter House Kabaddi

Inter house Athletics

Inter House Badminton

Inter House Table Tennis

Inter Horse Hockey

Inter House Tennis

Inter House Archery

Annual Sports Day

English Drama/Skit

Video Competition

Sales Expo

Heritage India Quiz

Aryabhat Ganit Challenge