Inter-School Activity

Inter School Activities

We at PSSEMR School and PU College lay emphasis on sports, art, literature and cultural activities not just through interhouse activities but also through interschool activities. Children from the region come under one roof to play together, learn together and share experiences of each other. To come together in the spirit of one family is paramount for children to grow in equitable society. The following are the details of interschool events that we conduct. The details of the events are updated as and when they are up to date. For the photographs click on the link in front of the description.

Inter School Volley Ball Competition

Inter School Badminton Competition

Inter School Handball Competition

Inter School Art Fest

Sambhram – Inter School & College Cultural Fest

Inter School band competition 

Inter School Cricket Competition

PSSR Literature Fest

Inter School Basketball Competition

PSSEMR Scholastic Aptitude Test

Inter School Parvathamma Cup – Cricket

Inter School Football Competition

Inter School Chess Competition

Inter School Kabaddi Competition

Inter School Swimming Competition

Inter School Hockey Competition

Inter School Lawn Tennis Competition

Inter School Archery Competition

CBSE Cluster Games

CBSE National Games

Inter School Athletics