Parvathamma Award

Parvathamma award

This award program is being introduced at PSSEMR School in 2018 in the aim of motivating and encouragement for students and staff and non-staff members who have been constantly providing their service for the betterment of this institution.

This also encourages members of the organization to achieve their potential growth towards their career, moral, social and well-being standards


  1. Learn how to provide useful quality service to others
  2. To encourage a spirit of learning and discovery
  3. To motivate in the development of personal interest and practical knowledge
  4. To encourage students staff and non-teaching staff members in betterment of their career and to build team spirit
  5. To work towards the excellence of the organization


This program is a non-competitive anyone with perseverance can earn this prestigious award. Members can choose an appropriate area of interest with their own personal choice and excel in it. For staff and non-teaching staff this program provides a wide platform to uplift their career in various perspective’s, and also gain quality experience.


  • GOLD



  • Punctuality and attendance
  • Academics result
  • Subject average
  • Highest center of excellence
  • Non-teaching
  • Quality of Service
  • Length of Service period

Program Section:


  • NSS
  • NCC
  • Scouts & Guides


  • Best Result
  • BEST Student
  • Best Cultural
  • Best Sports
  • Best Literature
  • Best Stage Performance
  • Best Communication Skills
  • Best Disciplined member
  • Highest attendance holder


  • Recognition with a Medal and certificate
  • Competitive spirit
  • Increase in quality of work
  • Monetary benefits
  • Many more

This award is being given the memorial of Smt.PARVATHAMMA SHAMMANUR SHIVASHANKARAPPA founder of PSSEMR institution, who had a vision of development of a robust institution with all the amenities for students and other stakeholders of the organization. Through this initiative we are trying to reach our vision shortly.