Professional development qualifications are an extensive, continuous and detailed approach to improving teachers’ and leaders’ performance in elevating student achievement.

Professional development qualifications help improve school performance, the quality of classroom instructions, and the execution of new initiatives taken for the overall development of the student.

PDQ’s enables teachers to link curriculum to real-world situations that build upon student and community resources.  Thereby, aids them to use multiple measures to evaluate student outcomes- including performance-based assessments and guides them in evolving directives that cater to support that the diverse learning needs of the heterogeneous student population.

Of the four themes, our school has incorporated;

1) Certificate and Diploma in teaching and learning.

2) Certificate and Diploma in Educational Leadership.

The theme of Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning:

 Equips the teachers to:

  • reinforce teaching strategies to enhance the quality of their students’ learning.
  • incorporate new ideas and approaches in pedagogy.
  • focus on constructive and to bring about deliberate changes in the teaching practices to promote active learning.

The theme of Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Educational Leadership:

This program will empower school leaders to:

  • enhance the quality of their leadership.
  • improve their understanding and importance of successful leadership qualities and develop their leadership skills.
  • Emphasis on developing reflective leadership practice to flourish their schools.

Program Leaders

We have two program leaders under the PDQ and a South-Zone leader, Mr. Lalit to guide the team of CAIE.

  • Manjunatha Rangaraju is a highly qualified teacher, lecturer, and administrator.

He is qualified in several examinations like the Indian Administrative services prelim examination, the law entrance examination, etc.

His general awareness is exemplary covering both national and international issues. An avid reader, he has an excellent vocabulary.

Ability to coordinate many different factors such as staffing, to inspire, motivate and support a team of staff resources and procedures of any institution.

With excellent interpersonal skills has and a remarkable ability to design, apply and evaluate programs to help in the achievement, career, and retention of staff.

  • Arun Prasad is a Post Graduate in zoology from the University of Madras and has a degree in Education from the Institute of Advanced Study in Education. He is an able educator and administrator. As a Head and an Exam officer of the IGCSE curriculum at PSSEMR, he provided leadership and direction to the educational development of Cambridge International Education Curriculum students. Supervised and mentored the staff in performing at optimal levels as a Teacher support coordinator.