Socially Useful Productive Work

To enable children be routed to societal issues and to instil social responsibilities the following activities are undertaken by students of the school and college. The details will be updated as the event concludes and the photos will be available on the link mentioned in front of the description of each event.

Swachcha Vidyalaya Swachcha Bharat-Campus Cleaning

Resources for Classroom Use and School Use – Smart Class and crafts for teaching aids and notice board updation by students

Anti Bullying or Anti Ragging Committee and awareness raising

Educational Trip to IISc. Bangalore/ISRO/BRDO/CPRI/JNCRF/AIR/Sir. C.V Raman Research Institute/Visit to Civil Court Complex

Dignity of Labour – Cleaning and Gardening with our Gardner’s

‘Buddies’ or ‘Peer Mentors’ for Adolescence Education, School Health Program, Life Skills Program etc. – Special Assembly with activities involving prefects

Participating or volunteering in Youth Parliament or mock UN Sessions – MUN training and participation

School water use audits – Water auditing by experts

Setting up rainwater harvesting structures – School rain harvesting pits

Project on indigenous methods of water conservation – STP or Rain water pits

Organizing sports meet for CWSN (Children with Special Needs)-Inter School activity (Sports for specially abled children ) (CBSE Activity)

Adopting an old age home for interactive activities – Visit oldage home – Harihar

As volunteer for charities ‘outside of school’ such as orphanages, old-age homes – Oldage home – Harihar

Empathy-Visit Veereshwara Ashrama, Bada Cross (CBSE Activity)

Care for Homeless Children – Visit Orphanage  -(S S Layout/Boosnur School)

Adopting an orphanage for conducting joyful activities – Visiting an orphanage, conduct dance event

Being Safe and Responsible: First Aid/ Health Club; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation – First aid and Fire Safety Training ( Bapuji Hospital/Fire Station)

First Aid: Awareness raising and demonstration – Our students performing first aid during “First aid demonstation)

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse (most important 4R’s) and Now Respect – Special Assembly with a small exhibition

Holding an Art Exhibition for fund raising- All paintings to be auctioned at assembly hall

Educational Trip to Hampi

Studying the nutrition and health status of people in a peer group/ village/city slum/ tribal area/ neighbourhood – a project report by a group of students – ( Photo Mandatory )

Preparation of Family Budget and Maintenance of Daily Household Accounts – Activitiy or Assignment

Planning, organizing and delivering a League tournament (Basketball, Cricket,Football)

Volunteer work with stray animals and organizations connected with the same cause – Visit the nearby veternary hospital – Evening ‘A’ Section Studetns

Organized Inter-class/ Inter-school sporting activities (basketball, volleyball,swimming, hockey, netball, squash, cricket and boxing) –

Inviting professionals from industry to develop career pathways (App on mobile) – Invite experts for career counselling

Helping school authorities in oragnizing (a) picnics, tours, excursions, functions
(b) exhibitions. – Capture events like Sambhram and Exhibition

Organizing a fund raising Musical Extravaganza for school – Sambhram – Guest Singer (Sponsorship)

Interview Session with the Chief Guest

Participating in the community health programme through door-to-door contact programmes – Awarness about dengue using placards

Plantation of Shade/ Fuel/ Ornamental/ Avenue trees – Planting flowering plants in the garden

Life Skills Activities (Creative and Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Effective Communication, Self Awareness and Empathy) – Essay Writing, Puzzle solving, pick and speak, self introduction during assemblies etc.

As volunteer for ‘in school activities’ such as organizing a school-based event based on Life Skills. – Activities on public speaking / nutrition / toiletary practices etc. ( Spl Assembly)

Projects on social awareness or cross curricular themes initiated, planned and implemented by students with teacher as initiator. – Drama or skit or mime or flash mob on any social issues

Acquaintance with common fertilizers and pesticides and their application with appropriate equipment – a workshop at TKVK-placard or banner

Acquaintance with Common Pests and Diseases of Plants and Use of Simple Chemicals and Plant Protection Equipment-a workshop at TKVK-placard

Awareness campaign for saving one liter water a day by each student of the school, its daily monitoring and reporting – Activity – compile statistics on water usage and propose ways to reduce consumption

Home water use audits – Activity – audit report at home by experts to be submitted

Organising and volunteering for various ‘in-school activities‘ and Language Club,Theatre and Dramatics Club, Social Science Club, Dance club, Science Club, Science – club activities

Fairs, Heritage Club, Nature Clubs. – Eco club activities

Expression series – Rangamancha club Activity – Take pics of expressions

Collaborating as part of Photography Club and create Exhibitions across the city with a social message. – Exhibition of photographies of some social event or any other social initiatives at Bapuji School

Project on metering use of water saving devices/taps and ensuring no leakages in plumbing, pipes, etc. – Build model of artificial lakes to preserve rain water

Project on awareness and planting drought prone/ native plants/trees – Activity with submission of reports

Project on Recycling of water – example from RO plants, etc. – setup in the flower garden –  – one row as a model

Setting up Drip irrigation structures for school gardens, etc.- Arecanut Tree plantation with irrigation

Visit to Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole

Participation in Adult-Literacy Programmes- Invite people from Tholahunse and Teach 

Taking up water conservation activities in nearby communities – Visiting nearest farmers to explain planting of trees around the bunds to conserve water

Learning to test the quality of water and taking up water quality project in nearby community – RO water testing and explaining the report to the students

Visiting municipal water treatment and supply plants and monitoring water quality at school/home – Visit DVG water treatment plant

Enrichment Activities of different Ministries can be taken up in project mode(Swachhta Abhiyan, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat (upto Oct 2018), Paryatan Parv etc) Beti padhao Beti bachao – Silent march with placards

Understanding about ground water table – Special assembly (CBSE Activity)

Projects on understanding water pollution – Activities with models in Special Assembly

Collecting and distributing used and unused books and clothes to the underprivileged – End of the year activity

Planning and holding a friendly cricket match between alumni and the current grade IX and X – During alumni meet

Fit India School Week – As per Govt. dates

Observing Vigilance Awareness week  – Last Week of Dec 2020